Global Gases America is pleased to announce that its specialty gases fill plant located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is nearing completion and should be ready to begin accepting orders from customers as of the 1st of June 2013.

The 12,000 square foot Bethlehem plant is Global Gases’ first location in the United States and its first specialty gases production facility anywhere in the world. 

The facility will be staffed by a team of highly experienced specialty gases experts, all of whom have had lengthy careers at Spectra Gases, a leading independent supplier of specialty gases that was acquired by Linde AG in 2006.

Initially, the Bethlehem facility will focus its efforts on producing rare gases and blends for the lighting and windows industries, as well as CO2 laser mixtures, calibration standards and stable isotopes. These products will be marketed to customers located in both domestic and export markets. 

Deepak Mehta, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Global Gases Group said, “We are excited to be expanding Global Gases’ product offering to include high end specialty gases. We believe that there is room for a new entrant that has the capability to produce specialty gases to very stringent technical specifications and offer high service levels to its customers.”

Phil Kornbluth, Senior Vice President for Global Gases America added, “We have assembled a highly qualified and experienced team of specialty gases experts, and I am confident that we’ll deliver a strong offering to the market. The Bethlehem plant will be completed soon and we are looking forward to having discussions about our capabilities with potential customers at Pittcon.”