Global Resource Energy (GRE), a development stage company engaged in the clean technology development sector, has sealed a deal with an alternative fuel source.

In an agreement with Atrius Holdings, GRE will be working a new technology called the MyCroft Hydryogen R-LEG Fuel Cell.

The MyCroft technology is an innovative Recirculating Loop Electric Generator, (R-LEG), which uses hydrogen as a catalyst but not as a fuel source. The technology shows considerable promise as a fuel cell power source utilising mechanical action as opposed to chemical reaction to create electricity. Early studies show distinct promise in micro power environments with the distinct potential for eventual industrial scale applications.

Global Resource Energy believes this technology offers great promise to dramatically increase the adoption of hydrogen-based solutions as a clean, sustainable and environmentally safe alternative to many traditional power sources. GRE aims to seek qualified sources of funding in order to further the development of this innovative technology with the eventual target to fully realize the economic scope of the MyCroft Technology with proof-of-concept studies through to advanced stage application development aimed at validating a vast number of potential commercial applications.