Targeting a long-term platform for growth, Grafoid Inc. and CVD Equipment Corporation have signed a Joint Intellectual Property Development Agreement for the development of NanoToMacroTM catalyst materials.

The companies believe that this collaborative relationship has the potential to speed up the commercialization of graphene and provide additional opportunities for both companies.

“This agreement represents yet another step forward for Grafoid within the graphene community,” stated Gary Economo, president and CEO of Grafoid.

“Grafoid’s scalable mass production process provides us with a long-term business platform for growth and expansion within our industry,” Economo added.

Meanwhile, Leonard A. Rosenbaum, president and CEO of CVD Equipment stated, “By combining Grafoid’s processing capabilities, understanding of applications/markets and by finding common ground for nano carbon material functionalization, we believe CVD can more efficiently leverage our 30 years of technical know-how in custom equipment design, manufacturing and process development for novel nano materials and their transformation into macro size commercially viable materials.”

“These materials,” Rosenbaum added, “will be primarily developed at our Application Laboratory and marketed through our CVD Materials Corporation subsidiary. We believe this agreement is another way for us to accelerate the commercialization of nano materials to solve tomorrow’s problems and we expect to collaborate with other companies and universities on interesting growth opportunities.”

Dr. Gordon Chiu, Grafoid vice-president and co-founder, said that the company’s mesographene, few layer graphene, powders and liquids offer joint venture partners an array of possibilities for exploring potential applications.