At a time when helium is still making headlines, with the passing of the draft Bill concerning the Federal Helium Reserve in Amarillo, IACX Energy has reportedly commenced helium production and sales from the Harley Dome facility in Utah.

News of production at the plant, located around 40 miles west of Grand Junction, Colorado, came via an IACX Energy press release.

The Harley Dome field was discovered in 1925 and designated ‘Federal Helium Reserve No. 2’ by President Franklin Roosevelt in 1934. Despite the proven nature of the reserve, it had remained unexploited until now.

The field’s unusual gas composition (seven percent helium with the balance being mostly nitrogen) and its low reservoir pressure proved to be a barrier to prior attempts to develop the field. IACX’s small-scale, low pressure helium extraction technology has finally allowed for this helium deposit to be produced.

The new facility is the first helium-only application to extract the rare gas from federal lands and is IACX’s third helium plant. The company is understood to also be developing other high-helium deposits across the US and is positioned for rapid growth as it continues to combine its helium purification technology with its ability to locate and produce helium-rich feed stocks.