Hydrogen generators are a green product. Not only does hydrogen on demand save fuel and deliver increased horsepower it also reduces the carbon footprint. Tests results show as much as 85% cleaner emissions using a proper HHO system.

According to Hydro Dynamics, engines are less efficient than you would think. Unfortunately, most engines don’t burn all the fuel injected into them. This creates inefficiency, increases consumption of fuel, which in turn creates pollution.

By injecting hydrogen gas into an engine it increases the octane, which increases the combustion. The injected hydrogen acts as a catalyst, more like a booster that helps the fuel burn more efficiently. This adds more power to the engine, (+/- 15 HP).

For years, HHO systems have focused on gasoline powered vehicles. The good ones work great and have saved the consumer on the cost of gasoline. The bad news is that the Internet, along with the efforts of the oil industry, has hurt the Hydrogen Generator reputation due to unscrupulous people looking for a fast buck. Many Internet sites sell kits and promises; unless you are a knowledgeable mechanic or engineer, the unit you put together may not work as promised.

Our experience goes back to 1999 with lots of changes and updates over the years. HydroDynamicsHHO.com is proud to be able to assist you in saving fuel and our planet.

Hydro Dynamics HHO is dedicated to lowering the fuel cost for consumers and cleaning up the Carbon Foot Print on combustible engines. We specialise in Marine and Semi Truck Diesel Applications.