IceTech, a worldwide leading manufacturer of preferred dry ice blasting and dry ice production equipment, today announces the official launch of the new SUPREME model of high performance dry ice blasting equipment.

This new model offers the customer the latest engineering technology, not found elsewhere in the dry ice blasting industry. Utilising the previously successful IceTech product technology, and enhancing it based upon user input combined with the latest in equipment technology, IceTech has created the most SUPREME dry ice blasting equipment in the industry.

IceTech’s high standard of providing the customer with complete control of the blasting experience is continued with the SUPREME model. This high standard technology allows the operator complete control of both the air pressure and the dry ice consumption right from the control panel on the front of the machine. Whether a specific cleaning application calls for very low air pressure or very high air pressure, the IceTech equipment provides the flexibility to handle both, all with the same machine.

The SUPREME model features user driven enhancements such as: military grade stainless steel electrical connectors, pneumatic rear wheels and handle bar for improved portability, and an enhanced lighted gun applicator. These features ensure the durability and transportability for the most severe industrial conditions. The SUPREME model is made available in both the KG30 and KG50 size machine.

“The key to our success and basis of our operation is defined by carefully listening to our customers,” said Dennis Hjort, President/CEO of IceTech America, “The SUPREME model has become a reality because we listened and manufactured this machine exactly to meet our customers’ needs.”

Dry Ice blasting offers a first choice alternative to the more traditional labour intensive chemical cleaning methods as well as the various media blasting technologies. Using dry ice high-density pellets as the blasting media offers an excellent ‘green’ cleaning option that is not only a dry process, but is also non-abrasive and non-toxic. In addition and unlike the other methods of cleaning, dry ice blasting provides a clean process. There is no containment or secondary waste to consider.