Industrial Scientific has announced that more than 100,000 gas monitors are now operating on iNET®, the industry’s only Gas Detection as a Service solution.

More than 100,000 instruments across 5,237 worksites in 35 countries are understood to now be operating on iNet.

The iNET solution helps companies around the world keep their workers safer by providing visibility into gas detector alarms, exposure, and usage. iNet also improves productivity by solving common challenges associated with owning gas monitors such as maintaining equipment, managing calibration gas, and keeping records.

Dave Wagner, global director of product knowledge and iNet product manager at the Pittsburgh, PA-based company, explained, “Since its inception, iNet has continuously grown as organizations from a wide range of industries took notice of a better way to do gas detection.”

“We are glad to have served so many customers with iNet over the last 10 years, enabling them to put greater focus on the things that are core to their business, and look forward to the continued growth of the service.”