INOXCVA has completed phase 2 of expansions to the Ameriport facility in Baytown, Texas. The expansion is happening to meet the company’s ever growing demand for cryogenic storage and distribution equipment.

In the expansion an additional 30 bays for cryogenics and LNG product assembly have been created. This expansion better equips INOXCVA to cater to the increasing repair business and meet customer commitments faster.

The shop floor, split down in half, makes space for the repair and manufacture of LNG equipment on one side and small tank and IMO production on the other. The LNG repair and manufacture section is now online and can accommodate approximately 50 trailers for repair service.

The small tank side will accelerate production for the large volume of orders for 20” and 40” IMOs. The facility also has a test pad for servicing well pumpers and N2 equipment.

This facility is ideally located near all modes of transportation: rail, an interstate highway, and a shipping terminal, which will aid in fast product delivery and service. The railroad access also gives us the additional advantage of receiving and repairing rail cars.