Keeping pace with the growing demand for liquid nitrogen and oxygen in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas, Linde broke ground on the construction of a new ASU in Lewisville, AR in Q3.

The plant, which will operate at a capacity of 470 tons per day, is expected to be on-stream by Q4 2013 and will employ 24 people.

The liquid nitrogen and oxygen produced at the plant will be delivered by tanker truck to a wide range of customers, with the intention that the plant will bring the company closer to those customers and improve the security of their supply.

“The Lewisville plant will give us the size and operating efficiencies we need to support our customers, who have seen great expansion in their own businesses and who are poised for even more growth in the future,” said Pat Murphy, president of Linde North America.

“When completed, the plant will bring product closer to our customers so we can improve their supply security and reduce Linde’s carbon footprint.”