Linde North America, has expanded its commitment to LNG fuel with the successful deployment of 20 additional LNG Class 8 trucks.  These trucks are delivering cryogenic gases to Linde’s customers in North America.

The addition follows Linde’s deployment of three LNG trucks last year to test the performance and economic viability of LNG fuel. The success of the initial program set the stage for the current expansion.

“Our experience with our LNG trucks has been very positive,” noted Fred Kinkin head of supply for Linde North America. “Natural gas burns more cleanly than diesel and is more economical, so we were able to save money on fuel while reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.  Given the size of our fleet and our commitment to environmental sustainability, this reduction in emissions and costs is significant.”

Compared to conventional hydrocarbon fuels, LNG is cleaner and more economical, and is produced domestically, lessening dependence on foreign sources while creating jobs in the US.

Linde is applying its expertise and infrastructure to help develop the US market.  The company’s growing use of LNG vehicles in its own fleet illustrates both the feasibility and advantages of switching to LNG fuel.

“Expanding our LNG fleet provides advantages to our customers,” Kinkin added.  “LNG-fueled tractors are lighter in weight, allowing Linde to increase payloads, improve service and better manage fuel costs.  In addition, the LNG tractors run more smoothly and quietly –an important benefit for our drivers who spend about 10 hours on the road each day.”