Robin Watts, Oil & Gas Technology manager for Linde North America, will give a presentation at the ShaleTech 2013 conference describing how Linde’s energized solutions can help hydraulic fracturing operators increase their productivity and decrease water use.

Watts will also demonstrate how simple economic assessment tools developed by  Linde can help producers estimate the potential economic impact of using different fracturing fluids by including estimates for a variety of cost and productivity factors based on the lifecycle of the hydraulic fracturing fluid.

Watt’s talk, “ A day in the life of a barrel of water … Evaluating total life cycle costs of hydraulic fracturing fluids”, will be presented at the ShaleTech conference, in Norris Conference Centers, Houston, Texas on Aug 30, at 2:45 pm.  

“The productivity and environmental benefits of energized solutions fit well with the stated purpose of the ShaleTech conference,” said Watts. “Linde’s life cycle calculator tool, coupled with an advanced simulator tool for examining the productivity implications of different fluid options, can helps producers makes decisions on how best to minimize water for hydraulic fracturing needs.”

Hydraulic fracturing requires 2.5 to 5 million gallons of water per well, and water acquisition, management and disposal represent major costs for producers. Linde’s energized solutions containing compressed or soluble gas allow producers to reduce the total volume of fluid needed by up to half, reducing costs while improving productivity, safety and environmental impact.

More information on how energized solutions can reduce water use and improve productivity, and access to Linde’s Calculator and Productivity Simulator tools, can be found in the white paper, “A Day in the Life of a Barrel of Water”, located in the Linde Document Library.