Linde North America has announced that Linde technology specialist Robin Watts, the oil and gas technology manager for Linde’s Energy Solutions business in North America, will discuss fracturing applications using energised solutions. 

She will do this at the meeting of the Amarillo Petroleum Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers in Amarillo, Texas on Tuesday September 18th.

In her talk, “Fracturing Applications for C02 and N2, a Supplier’s Perspective,” Watts uses real-life case studies to describe how energised solutions incorporating nitrogen or carbon dioxide can increase the productivity of wells over their lifecycle, while also reducing the water needed for the fracturing process and reducing environmental effects.

Watts will discuss how to identify wells that could benefit from the application of energised fluids and describe guidelines for optimising their use. Linde is a leader in the application of energised solutions to the production of hydrocarbons from unconventional sources such as shale.

Watts notes, “We welcome the opportunity to discuss the advantages of using energised solutions with oil and gas professionals in a more personal setting, such as the Amarillo Petroleum Section.  As a leading provider of energised fluids, Linde stands ready to provide comprehensive solutions to help our customers operate in the most economical and environmentally positive way possible.”