Linde North America has announced the availability of Nitrogen Portable Storage Vessels (NPSV) allowing hydraulic fracturing operators and service companies to expand their nitrogen storage capabilities on location.

NPSV are transportable cryogenic vessels that allow Linde to deliver high volume liquid nitrogen directly to production locations, where the nitrogen is used to displace water and enhance production in hydraulic fracturing and other oilfield operations. NPSV minimise the need for ongoing shuttling of nitrogen from staging areas to production locations, reducing the costs and delays associated with interruptions from frequent deliveries, minimising disorder near the wellhead and further strengthening the efficiencies achievable with energised fluids.

More than half of all hydraulic fracturing jobs are now energisd, often with nitrogen. Versatile, inert nitrogen is also widely used in many other oilfield services.

“Our NPSV are another demonstration of Linde’s ongoing commitment to be the premier provider of comprehensive cryogenic solutions to the oil and gas industry,” said Brian Kubalik, National Sales manager.  “As the industry focuses on reducing the amount of required water and developing completion designs to sustain well production, greater emphasis is being placed on the use of cryogenic gases and associated field support services to achieve these goals. Linde is committed to leveraging our global resources to deliver NPSV and other new services and products to the marketplace expeditiously.”

Providing 16,700 gallons of liquid storage capacity at the wellhead, NPSV offer numerous benefits. These include a smaller footprint and significantly reduced labour and equipment costs associated with the ongoing shuttling of nitrogen from the staging area to the wellhead. Unlike larger containers, Linde’s NPSV do not require Department of Transportation permitting and allow for maneuvering on the most challenging terrains. Linde further simplifies the use of NPSV by proactively managing nitrogen inventory for its customers for just-in-time availability.

As the world’s leading industrial gases company, Linde provides high-quality nitrogen from its 70 US plants and depots to 11,000 local customer installations, with 40,000 deliveries per month.