Flow-Cal, Inc. has announced that Houston-based LINN Energy has upgraded their FLOWCAL software to a corporate wide enterprise solution. The company’s core focus areas are the Mid-Continent, Permian Basin, Hugoton Basin, Rockies, Michigan, and California. 

LINN Energy first selected and implemented the FLOWCAL software in 2012, utilising Flow-Cal’s Remote Managed Services (RMS). With RMS, Flow-Cal’s system experts remotely monitor the FLOWCAL system, performing administration, patch installation, and upgrade services.  In addition, RMS provides performance analysis reports and system updates. While having a full measurement department and IT staff, RMS ensures the company’s FLOWCAL system is always operating at maximum efficiency.  

“The Flow-Cal Remote Management Service is an exciting addition to our recently formed service department,” says Michael DeMasie, Flow-Cal’s Chief Operating Officer.  “Our consultants and project managers, who are experienced in these types of maintenance, take the burden off the company’s staff so they can focus their resources in other areas.”  

LINN Energy uses the FLOWCAL Enterprise system to gather, validate, edit, store and report their vital measurement data. The system is augmented by Flow-Cal’s TESTit application, designed to manage gas and liquid meter inspection and calibration results, testing and sample schedules, and conduct field calculations for flow rate and equipment sizing.  When integrated with FLOWCAL Enterprise, the combined applications provide a means to validate field data capture as well as automate prior period adjustments (based upon field calibrations).

Russell Terry, Measurement Manager with LINN Energy says, “FLOWCAL’s highly developed features and functions were the driving factor in our decision to initially implement the software.  Automating key processes in our company have significantly streamlined our operations while the RMS service has freed up our staff, allowing them to support other areas of our organisation.”

Flow-Cal’s Enterprise system links larger, more complex operations to one central system, providing a common user interface to consolidate, review, validate, edit, store and report measurement data. Flow-Cal’s advanced data validation and editing features automate field data processing, producing fast, accurate and auditable results that meet or exceed all industry standards. TESTit integration into FLOWCAL Enterprise offers an automated means of satisfying the needs of both office and field personnel. 

About Flow-Cal, Inc.

Flow-Cal, Inc., a Houston-based software developer, is the industry-leader in measurement data management for natural gas and petroleum liquids.  Flow-Cal’s software is used throughout the industry to validate, recalculate, store and report measurement data from field devices, and link that information to users and stakeholders throughout an organisation. Flow-Cal’s full line of measurement software applications range from simple, inexpensive data management and reporting programs (designed for smaller companies) to enterprise-wide applications that are utilised by Fortune 500 companies.