Two buzz words in the gases business of late are ‘fracking’ and ‘LNG’ and the two came together in a different way recently as Linde North America was involved in LNG being used for a hydraulic fracturing operation.

The company provided the equipment, services and LNG for a commercial hydraulic fracturing operation fueled by a combination of diesel and economical, clean burning LNG. The 12-pump, 24,000 horsepower fleet is the largest dual-fuel project ever conducted and the first involving the conversion of an entire hydraulic fracturing fleet.

The project involved multiple participants and Earl Lawson, head of Energy Solutions for Linde North America, spoke of the company’s delight at being involved.

“We welcomed the opportunity to overcome the logistical challenges posed in this fast-moving environment to successfully supply the LNG fuel, storage and vaporization equipment and services that enabled an entire fracturing fleet to convert to a dual-fuel solution,” Lawson said.

“This project proves the feasibility, safety, effectiveness, efficiency and logistical benefits of using LNG in high horsepower applications.”