Matheson has acquired a majority share of RASIRC Corporation, with statements from both companies confirming the deal, respectively.

RASIRC will continue to operate as an independent corporation under the leadership of current president Jeffrey Spiegelman, with all offices, employees, suppliers, and sales channels remaining unchanged.

The company develops products that purify and deliver ultra-pure liquids and gases with a primary focus on water vapor. RASIRC dryers, humidifiers, and steam generators are of importance for many applications in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical, biological, fuel cell, and power industries.

It’s understood that the company will continue to develop products that purify and deliver ultra pure chemistries.

The deal is thought to give Matheson additional research and product development capabilities, as well as new products and chemicals for its customers in the semiconductor and microelectronics industries, for example.  The trend for more liquid chemicals and precursors being used in advanced technology nodes of semiconductor manufacturing is believed to be significant.

From RASIRC’s perspective, the agreement provides the company with access to Matheson’s global reach, expertise and customer support network.

William J. Kroll is Chairman and CEO of MATHESON, the largest subsidiary of Taiyo Nippon Sanso (TNSC).


William J. Kroll, chairman & CEO of Matheson, explained, “This acquisition is consistent with our overall electronics & solar strategy to enhance our suite of value-added purification technologies and provide for continued innovation in our related product lines.”

“RASIRC, using membrane technology, offers significant synergy not only to our existing line of purification products, but also to our high purity material business; this is because more liquid chemicals and precursors are being used in advanced technology nodes of semiconductor manufacturing.”

Jeffrey Spiegelman, RASIRC founder and president, added, “RASIRC will continue to develop new and innovative products focused on in-situ chemical generation of ultra-high purity vapors from liquid chemical sources.”

“Having global infrastructure, logistics, and R&D, the Matheson presence will assure customers that we have the size and stability to support them through a complete product adoption cycle, from bench top testing, to pilot line, and high volume.”