MATHESON has formally rolled out the MATHESON SelectPRO Metal Fabrication Process Optimisation Program, making the announcement to coincide with the FabTech Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, held from November 12th to 14th.

MATHESON SelectPRO is a program designed to improve metal fabrication operations. At the core of the program, MATHESON welding experts work closely with the fabricator to identify and implement improvements that will lead to productivity improvements, reduced cost per weld, and optimisation of processes.

Lynn Horak, MATHESON’s Director of Sustainable Marketing, explained, “Today’s competitive manufacturing environment is challenging fabricators to make operational adjustments so that they can produce the highest possible quality in the most cost effective way. To achieve that goal, the MATHESON SelectPRO Program puts our experts on the front lines right there at the customer’s side.”

The MATHESON SelectPRO Program begins with an assessment of the fabricator’s key challenges and operational goals. The second step is a comprehensive site survey guided by MATHESON’s team, closely looking at fabrication processes, equipment settings, choice of materials, workflow, welding positions, gas usage, safety programs, and other operational details. MATHESON’s experts then examine the information gathered in the survey, perform calculation-based comparisons, consider alternative fabrication options, and prepare solution-driven recommendations.

Often, the recommendations coming out of the MATHESON SelectPRO assessment will call for adjustments in welder settings, filler metal choices, shielding gas, or weld design. These small adjustments can add up to meaningful cost efficiencies, throughput enhancements, and quality improvements.

Sometimes, according to Horak, the Program will uncover an opportunity to move to an entirely different welding process ­ such as from stick to flux cored wire ­ leading to a quantum leap in productivity, cost reduction, and process optimisation. Adding automated processes to appropriate step(s) can also improve throughput and improve welder availability. In such cases where capital investment is required, part of the MATHESON SelectPRO Program proposal is the calculation of return on investment to help the fabricator justify any added capital expense.

The Program also includes access to assistance with internal communications, training (classroom and/or production floor), and other support. As needed, MATHESON experts can also contribute with writing or rewriting Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) and Welding Procedure Qualification Records (WPQR).