MOCON, the world’s leading manufacturer of permeation instrumentation, has developed a new oxygen transmission rate test instrument which accurately and repeatedly measures barriers to 5x10-4 cc/(m2 x day), ten times lower than previous levels.

The OX-TRAN® Model 2/21 10x system measures films or packages at precise temperature and relative humidity conditions.

The system is ideal for a variety of applications which require increasingly better oxygen barrier.  Film and resin manufacturers, converters and packagers in industries such as electronics (OLED and thin film), solar, vacuum panel, food, pharmaceutical and medical device will benefit from the system’s greater sensitivity for measuring ultra-oxygen transmission characteristics of films and packages.

Improved material barrier systems have created a demand for increased testing sensitivity.  Brand owners and suppliers require accurate and repeatable results in order to make sure performance criteria are being met.

“There are a number of improvements engineered into the OX-TRAN Model 2/21 10x Module to take oxygen permeation testing to a new level.  The most important is the improved proprietary COULOX® coulometric sensor which counts every oxygen molecule permeating through the film.  This is the reason why MOCON has the only system which complies with ASTM D3985,” said Doug Lindemann, vice president, MOCON. 

Additional improvements incorporated into the system include:

·       Improved electronics to reduce system “noise” level

·       New TruSeal™ film cell design to eliminate edge-leakage and assure a perfect seal every time

·       Improved temperature stability

Each module contains two test cells and is available in master and satellite configuration.  The 10x module connects with all other modules in the OX-TRAN 2/21 family of transmission rate test systems.