Building on its strong wave of acquisition activity over the last decade, MOCON, Inc. is introducing new corporate branding to better support its subsidiaries and global footprint.

The company has grown from being a manufacturer of permeation equipment for packaging applications into providing products and services for food safety, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, mud logging, gas monitoring, aroma/odor analysis and more.

In fact, the last 15 years have seen MOCON acquire multiple companies including Microanalytics, Round Rock, TX; Baseline, Lyons, CO; Lippke, Neuwied, Germany. The most recent example of which was last year’s major acquisition of Denmark’s PBI-Dansensor, purchased for around $20m and subsequently rebranded as simply ‘Dansensor’.

Now, MOCON has sought to introduce rebranding across the whole spectrum of the company. Going forward, the Microanalytics business unit will operate under the MOCON brand, while Baseline-MOCON will become Baseline, a MOCON company.

“MOCON has become a large global organization with multiple business units. As such, we needed a new ‘family approach’ to branding which ties the business units to each other visually and to the parent company,” explained, Robert L. Demorest, chairman and chief operating officer, MOCON.

Specialty Gas Report understands that both the corporate entity and the business units will be adopting this same visual style; which will be a contemporary font, coupled with a graphic ‘arc’ that connects the letters. The arc is described as a homage to MOCON’s original name, Modern Controls.