Praxair is notifying bulk liquid helium customers in Europe, Asia and Latin America of increases in prices up to 30% for bulk liquid helium effective January 1st 2013, or as contracts permit.

The company says price adjustments may be higher or lower in accordance with individual contract provisions.

These adjustments are being implemented in response to continuing increases in distribution, feedstock and sourcing costs; persistent supply/demand imbalances; and to support investments required to maintain infrastructure necessary to reliably supply customers.

Elsewhere Air Products will implement pricing actions for liquid and bulk helium in North America. The on-going global helium shortage has necessitated investments by Air Products and dramatically increased the cost of its operations and inputs. The pricing actions are being taken to recover extraordinary costs that are being incurred by Air Products in order to maintain reliable supply and secure new sources of helium for its customers.

Earlier in December Air Products also announced a price raise for its’ electronic offerings.