Located in Bolivar, OH, Eleet Cryogenics has announced that it has expanded its manufacturing size and opened up new opportunities for the company’s development.

The expansion brings with it the addition of new offices, conference rooms and training facilities.

Doug Morton, vice-president of Sales at Eleet Cryogenics,  said, “We have expanded our manufacturing size from 5000 square feet in the old building to 15,000 square feet of manufacturing area in our new facility. We also have an additional 3,000 square feet for new offices, conference rooms and training centers. We are very excited about the many opportunities pertaining to our brand new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.”

“Our training facility is elaborate with classroom seating and hands-on area where we share knowledge and experience as it relates to the medical and industrial bulk equipment applications as requested by our customers and business prospects. We have expanded our overall manufacturing capabilities in such a way as to be able to efficiently and effectively manage our growth we have realized in manifolds and the parts segment of our growing business.”