South-Tek Systems, a North Carolina based nitrogen gas supplier, install nitrogen generation systems that save on operating costs and provide high purity nitrogen gas. Their most recent installation was at the ACD facility in Richardson, Texas.

ACD is a leading supplier to the electronics industry, specifically to the printed circuit board industry. The installation of the South-Tek Systems’ N2-GEN® C Series Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Nitrogen Generator at the ACD facility allows the company to produce N2 gas with purities up to 99.999%. It also lowers operating costs for ACD.

The N2-GEN® nitrogen gas generating system is installed at the point of process, generating high purity N2 gas from compressed air using a simple PSA technology. This PSA technology isolates nitrogen molecules from pressurised air, sending them to a receiving tank where the N2 gas can be accessed for a variety of applications. This nitrogen gas generating system increases reliability and safety while cutting operating expenses.

“Adding nitrogen generation not only decreased ACD’s operating costs, but also gives us higher quality Nitrogen for the production floor,” stated W. Scott Fillebrown, ACD’s President and CEO.

ACD was founded in 1984 and is a full service electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company. ACD’s services comprise complete circuit board layout, DFM/DFA capability, printed circuit fabrication, component procurement, thru-hole, SMT and part-on-part mixed technology assembly, box build, rework, flying probe, functional and JTAG test, and development.