The 17th International Conference and Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG 17), will take place from the 16th to 19th of April in Houston, Texas.

The event is expected to attract more than 5,000 senior technical, commercial and strategic experts from over 80 countries and over 300 exhibitors.

The world’s largest gas industry event for 2013 will emphasize the increasingly impactful role that liquefied natural gas (LNG) plays in a carbon-constrained future,” said Jay Copan, Executive Director of LNG 17 and Senior Advisor to the American Gas Association.

Hosted by The American Gas Association (AGA), LNG 17 is the only global industry event conducted by the gas industry – three industry organisations are responsible for the event: the International Gas Union (IGU), the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR).

The traditionally technical and commercial program for LNG 17 has been expanded to now also cover strategic and regulatory issues for the first time, with hundreds of industry experts lined up to speak. LNG 17 will feature a new Global Strategy Forum and six Spotlight Sessions addressing the most significant trends, challenges and opportunities facing the industry today and in the future.

The Global Strategy Forum has the confirmed participation of Chief Executives from some of the major gas-producing regions, including: Antoni Llardén, President, Enagás; Jose Alcides Santoro Martins, Chief Gas & Energy Officer, Petrobras; Wang Dongjin, Vice-President, CNPC; Tom Walters, President, ExxonMobil Gas & Power Marketing; Joseph C. Geagea, Corporate Vice-President & President, Chevron Gas & Midstream; Hamad Rashid Al Mohannadi, Managing Director, RasGas.

In the Global Outlook for LNG, world-renowned, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Daniel Yergin, will provide the most up-to-date analysis and forecast of trends in the global gas industry, with an emphasis on the role that LNG will play.

At a macro-economic level, Robert Lesnick, Oil and Gas Program Manager, The World Bank will cover The Opportunities for LNG to Stimulate Economic Development looking at how developing countries around the globe face an exciting opportunity to grow in a more carbon friendly manner. He will also address the role of government policy and natural gas-based industrial development and what the positive impacts are on local development.

The spotlight session on the North American LNG Market will cover the implications of North American LNG exports on global dynamics, with three speakers bringing insight and experience from very different parts of the North American LNG market.

“Natural gas is helping to stimulate economic recovery in many countries across the world and this conference will provide valuable information on potential growth markets like transportation, as well as an understanding of the global demand for natural gas,” said Larry Borgard, President and COO, Utilities, Integrys Energy Group; Chairman, AGA.