Pangea LNG (North America) Holdings, has filed an application with the US Department of Energy requesting multi-contract authorisation to export liquefied natural gas from its proposed facility in South Texas.

The exports would be to any country with which the US does not have a Free Trade Agreement in effect. This is another major step in the process of developing a new LNG export terminal on a 550-acre site fronting the north shore of Corpus Christi Bay. On November 29th, Pangea filed an application with DOE seeking authority to export up to eight million metric tonnes per year of LNG, equal to approximately 400 billion cubic feet per year of natural gas.

The South Texas LNG Project is being designed in two phases, each capable of producing four million tonnes per year and storing approximately 250,000 cubic meters of LNG. Design options are being evaluated and the outcome is expected to consist of both land-based and floating components. The project is subject to federal, state and local regulatory approvals with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) acting as the lead federal agency. Pangea’s schedule calls for the project to be in operation by at least 2018.

Natural gas for the South Texas Project will be supplied by customers through an associated pipeline that will likely connect to nine major interstate and intrastate transmission pipelines. As a result, the feed gas for the facility can be sourced from almost any point on the US natural gas pipeline grid through direct physical delivery or by displacement, including gas from the Eagle Ford Shale and conventional production in South Texas.

“Filing our FTA and non-FTA applications with DOE are major initial milestones for this project,” said John Godbold , Pangea project director. “Our design optimisation is ongoing and that work will be sufficiently complete so that we can begin the FERC prefiling review process in the Spring of 2013.”

Pangea LNG is a holding company with two major LNG export projects in the works – the South Texas LNG Export Project on the Texas Gulf Coast and the Tamar Project in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Elsewhere, Spain and Portugal will be the venues for two conferences of topics related to the technology being utilized by the Pangea LNG project.

The sixth annual Pipeline Integrity Management Forum will be held in Barcelona from February 6th to 8th. The program will focus on sharing global practice with pipeline monitoring, surface and adjustment , as well as standards required to safely supply the next generation of piped products.

Then, 10 days later, the third LNG global forum will be held in Lisbon, Portugal from February 18th to 20th.