An entirely new range of modular manifolds and mounting accessories for installing small-bore process instruments is now available from the Instrumentation Products Division of Parker Hannifin – the global leader in motion and control technologies.

The new range complies with Shell’s influential Material and Equipment Standards and Code (MESC) specification. All of the modular components are proven inter-compatible. This enables plant and instrumentation engineers to configure a complete process instrumentation hook-up that meets rigorous quality standards, and to order the fully assembled solution – including application-specific manifolds – from Parker rapidly and easily.

“The modularity and scope of this new mounting system for process instruments ensures quality and at the same time delivers enormous time savings, by providing a compatible single-source solution,” says Parker’s Nicolas Villemain.

“The system can also radically lower lifecycle ownership costs, because of the high quality of its design, and the way it creates a site standard for users.”

Parker developed its new range of MESC-compliant products as a direct result of its Enterprise Framework Agreement (EFA) with Shell. Under the terms of this agreement, the company is providing Shell and its affiliates with a single source supply of inter-compatible small-bore instrumentation products, including instrument valves, manifolds, process-to-instrument valves, fittings, tubing and protective enclosures. Many other oil and gas companies and suppliers now specify that all components between a process pipe and instruments must be MESC compliant, as part of their drive to increase standardisation and ensure system quality.

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About Parker Hannifin

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