Precision Medical has partnered with an online e-commerce company that sells rehabilitation and medical supplies, with the deal opening up a wider consumer marketplace for its products.

Headquartered in Northampton, PA, Precision Medical designs, develops and manufactures cutting-edge oxygen products and medical fittings that are lighter in weight but deliver the same power.

This reduces patient deliveries by providing more dependable service, and lower maintenance time and costs.

Now, has joined into a distribution collaboration with Precision Medical to offer its EasyFlow5 Oxygen Concentrator to a wider marketplace.

Dependable and resilient, the EasyFlow5 Oxygen Concentrator from Precision Medical offers a cool and efficient compressor that never stalls and an oxygen sensor that monitors the oxygen purity level. Smart Start Technology ensures continuous oxygen to the patient, even when the unit may need to restart its compressor due to momentary power interruptions.

“We are pleased to introduce more consumers to the simplicity and performance of the EasyFlow5 Oxygen Concentrator from Precision Medical,” said Hulet Smith, CEO of Rehabmart.

“Aesthetically pleasing, the compact one-piece cabinet design presents cool and efficient operation, portability and simpler maintenance. We are proud to offer this, and all of the great oxygen and respiratory support products from Precision Medical, to our customers at”