Philips Respironics, a unit of Royal Philips Electronics, announces that the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved the SimplyGo portable oxygen concentrator (POC) for in-flight use on commercial airliners.

With the approval, SimplyGo becomes the only FAA-cleared POC that offers both continuous flow and pulse-dose capabilities in a unit weighing ten pounds or less. SimplyGo has twice the oxygen output of any other POC at this weight and is able to meet the portable needs of nearly all oxygen users. FAA approval applies to all SimplyGo systems including those in use prior to the announcement.

The FAA rule approving the use of SimplyGo for in-flight use on US carriers will become effective on or about October 31, 2012, which is 15 days after publication of the new rule in the Federal Register.

“We are extremely pleased to inform oxygen users that they will be able to fly with the SimplyGo POC,” said Eli Diacopoulos, senior director and general manager, Home Respiratory Care, Philips Respironics. “Given its portability, oxygen output and continuous flow capability, we believe that SimplyGo is an ideal choice for oxygen users who are active or like to travel.”

The Department of Transportation requires that US carriers allow passengers to use portable oxygen concentrators approved by the FAA during all phases of a flight – including taxiing, takeoff and landing – if the unit meets FAA requirements for portable medical electronic devices, is properly stowed and meets certain other applicable safety-related conditions.

SFAR 106 permits passengers to carry on and use certain POCs on board aircraft if the aircraft operator ensures that the conditions specified in the SFAR for their use are met.

Although the FAA and other international aviation regulatory bodies allow the use of approved portable oxygen concentrators on commercial airlines, many domestic and international carriers have additional requirements including advance notification, and possession of a physician’s letter and oxygen prescription. Oxygen users planning to fly with SimplyGo should contact their airline well in advance of travel.

SimplyGo is part of the Philips Respironics Right Fit family of oxygen products that also includes the EverFlo stationary concentrator, HomeLox and GoLox portable liquid oxygen system, and the UltraFill home oxygen filling system.