PHPK Technologies has begun fabrication on Vacuum Insulated Piping for the first of 15 LNG fueling stations scheduled to be completed by the end of the second quarter, 2014.

In separate contracts for both private and public LNG fueling stations, PHPK will be furnishing VIP to facilities under construction in Texas, Illinois and Indiana. These three stations will immediately be followed by 12 additional stations in the Midwest and Southeast US regions.

Nine of the 15 stations will be used privately by a transportation company converting part of their long haul fleet from diesel to LNG powered tractors. The other six stations will be for public service as part of the “Natural Gas Highway” servicing the Midwestern United States.

Richard Coleman, President and owner of PHPK Technologies commented, “I am pleased that PHPK is an integral part of the United States natural gas transportation fuels infrastructure. It is very exciting to be participating in this important and beneficial industry in its infancy.”

PHPK Technologies is a leader in the design and manufacture of custom cryogenic and high vacuum systems since 1991. PHPK also offers a complete line of standard cryogenic piping components, vacuum jacketed piping and the CVI Torr Master® Cryopumps.