Praxair Distribution, a subsidiary of Praxair Inc, announces the debut of its new Ultra-High Purity (UHP) StarGen™ Oxygen Generator.

The uniquely designed system can generate 99.9999% purity oxygen from ambient air, providing an alternative to cylinders for UHP oxygen that saves customers valuable time recalibrating laboratory equipment.

Praxair’s proprietary solid-state oxygen separation and compression technology allows the StarGen system to operate for several years with no adjustments after initial setup. It features an easy-to-operate LCD interface and quietly runs on regular 120 volt power.

“Our laboratory science customers have expressed a high degree of interest in Praxair’s StarGen system,” said Ray Homan, marketing manager for Praxair Distribution, Inc. “They have remarked that a continuous supply of ultra-high purity oxygen with no batch-to-batch variation would be valuable to them in their various laboratory applications.”