Praxair has announced that it is in the process of conducting a voluntary recall involving Grab ‘n Go Vantage portable oxygen cylinder units.

Praxair is making a minor modification to the affected units as they come in for routine servicing and filling. Praxair has already communicated with its customers and the US Food and Drug Administration.

Praxair initiated this field correction after becoming aware of a few isolated incidents of ignition inside Grab ‘n Go oxygen cylinders that had been knocked over and subject to significant physical impact. Based on the preliminary results of Praxair’s review of these few incidents, it appears that Grab ‘n Go units fitted with certain equipment (a type of o-ring) may be more prone to this type of incident.

Out of an abundance of caution to protect patient safety, Praxair has been making a minor modification to affected units. As units come in for routine servicing and filling, the unit is being inspected and, if necessary, the o-ring that sits between the valve and the cylinder is being replaced. To date, over 50% of the units in the United States already have been modified. Modified units have a decal with a “T” affixed to their green shroud.

Praxair believes that the affected Grab ‘n Go units may be used safely if proper handling procedures are followed.It is important to practice safe storage and handling practices for the Grab ‘n Go cylinders to protect the cylinder from dropping, knocking over, or other significant physical impact.

Customers with questions may contact their sales representative or Thelma Brantley (e-mail:; phone 630-320-4452).