Praxair, one of the largest industrial gases companies worldwide, has released its 2012 Sustainable Development Report. The report received the highest rating of A+ from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) representing the greatest level of disclosure.

“Praxair’s highly skilled, innovative global team consistently demonstrates our commitment to sustainable development,” said Steve Angel, Praxair’s chairman and chief executive officer.

“We believe that our mission – making our planet more productive – and business strategy work together to help address some of the world’s greatest energy and environmental challenges.”

The 2012 comprehensive report provides key global disclosures in the areas of economic, environmental, and social performance and highlights efforts around the world to support how Praxair is making our planet more productive.

It also presents Praxair’s carbon footprint for 2011 and information on how Praxair’s applications have enabled its customers to avoid 23 million metric tons of CO2e. This reduction exceeds all the greenhouse gases (GHG) emitted by Praxair providing a net benefit of 7 million metric tons GHG avoided.

The 2012 Sustainable Development Report is now available at: