Praxair will feature live demonstrations of its latest metal fabrication productivity products and gases at FABTECH in Chicago, from November 18th 21st.

FABTECH is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing show and is expected to draw more than 35,000 attendees and 1,500 exhibitors. Praxair will be exhibiting in both of the large exhibition halls at McCormick Place (booth 1432 North and booth 2325 South).

“Our Praxair Innovation Center will showcase the latest advancements in technology and productivity,” said Chris Guild, marketing vice president, Praxair Distribution, Inc. “Our Starsolver® productivity program experts will be on hand to discuss how users can increase their productivity and achieve savings of up to 40%.” The Praxair Innovation Center, located at booth 1432 North, will feature live and video demonstrations of welding and cutting gases and equipment, which have consistently drawn large crowds to the Praxair booth at the annual expo.

Praxair will feature Stargon® SS and Stargon® VS shielding gas blends that address specific application challenges and can help users increase productivity and savings. The center will also feature new, proprietary tandem torch technology with an innovative, adjustable tip spacing design for high-speed automatic welding.

Praxair will also run a new product symposium featuring the L’il Runner Automatic Fillet Welder from Steelmax®, the Robovent® vent mapping system for improved air quality management and the Praxair Laser Inspection service, which uses 3D beam scan technology and state-of-the art analysis to improve the quality and efficiency of laser cutting tools.

Additionally, FABTECH visitors can become familiar with the industry-leading products Praxair carries, as well as an array of Stargon gases and gas mixtures and the ProStarTM professional line of CNC automated cutting tables for light manufacturing, job shops, and serious hobbyists.