As the rise of liquefied natural gas (LNG) continues, Linde North America is stepping up its commitment in this area with the purchase of 20 LNG-fueled trucks.

Linde’s commitment to LNG-fueled trucks started in 2011 with a pilot program to test the effectiveness of three LNG trucks hauling liquid carbon dioxide to customers throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

After the success of this program, Linde deepened its commitment to the fuel with the purchase and deployment of 20 more tractors last year.

The purchase of the new trucks, which are expected to be deployed later this year, represents 20 percent of Linde’s total tractor purchases in 2013. They will be integrated into the company’s fleet of more than 700 trucks carrying cryogenic gases to customers throughout North America.

Earl Lawson, vice-president, energy solutions for Linde North America, enthused, “The Linde LNG truck project has delivered several key benefits. Not only do the trucks save money on fuel, they also reduced Linde’s carbon footprint, since natural gas burns more cleanly than diesel, yielding between 20 percent and 30 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions. And the natural gas used in the US is produced domestically, which creates domestic jobs.”