Redline Electric & Solar has officially embarked on the “Solar Revolution”, offering their commercial and residential clients turn-key solutions and no-nonsense information on turning the sun into power generation for their businesses and homes.

The Redline Electric & Solar team is led by Joshua Farley, who says, “I was raised with a voltmeter in my hand. I have been an electrician for 20 years, learning from my dad, Roy, who is a master electrician and my partner in the firm until his retirement last year. Between the two of us, we have 60 years experience in the trade.”

Historically, Redline Electric has offered specialty services including big equipment, service panel upgrades, energy-efficient lighting, motor controls, underground circuit work, troubleshooting, UPS battery back-up, generator and emergency systems. The firm now adds Solar Photovoltaics to their line-up and is powered by the nation’s most strategic solar support and distribution company, Ambassador Energy, Inc.

Farley continued, “We are way ahead of the game given our experience as electricians and Ambassador Energy’s solar expertise. With the intensive training we have gotten from NABCEP certified instructors at AE’s solar training facility in Southern California, we are able to launch head-first into our solar work and know that our customers are going to get the best design, products, service and pricing. We believe that our customers deserve a solid local solar company, instead of falling into the hands of nationwide companies who don’t always have their best interest at heart. With AE as our back-end solar support partner and our knowledge of our community and clients, we are confident in our ability to help bring Arizona and Nevada further into the solar movement.”

Kelly Smith, President of Ambassador Energy said of Redline, “We hand selected them. We were looking for an excellent team in the Phoenix area and feel really great that we found Joshua and his team. They are skilled, ambitious, conscientious and a lot of fun to work with.”