Servomex Group Limited has announced a technology partnership with Precisive LLC, an innovator in optics-based analyzers located in Boston, MA.

Under the partnership, Servomex will incorporate elements of Precisive’s gas sensing technology into its leading gas analysis solutions for the hydrocarbon processing market – namely the integration of Precisive’s patented Tunable Filter Spectrometer (TFS)TM technology into Servomex’s photometric analyzer range.

As a direct consequence of the agreement, ‘exciting’ new Servomex products are expected to be announced imminently, enabling Servomex to offer the hydrocarbon processing market a genuinely complete gas analysis solution for many downstream processing applications.

“Servomex is delighted to announce this technology partnership with Precisive,” said Chuck Hurley, director of Sales and Marketing, Servomex.

“Precisive and Servomex share an intelligent and innovative approach to developing sensing technologies, so their optical analyzers offer the same industry-leading combination of measurement and performance benefits our customers expect.”

Duane Sword, CEO of Precisive, also added, “An acknowledged innovator in gas analysis technologies for more than 50 years, Servomex is a partner with the depth, quality, service and support that the most demanding and global customers expect.”

“We’re excited to partner with Servomex and together our customers will realize tremendous benefits by combining our innovative technologies and extensive expertise.”

Proven results

Meanwhile, Servomex has also revealed recently that its SERVOPRO Chroma has been proven in trials to recover significantly high argon (Ar) yields, improving both productivity and profitability in a range of Ar producing applications.

Produced in relatively minor quantities as part of the air separation process, any improvements in the quantity of Ar recovered in ASU processes can significantly boost profits – with even single percentage increases in yield potentially boosting revenues by hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Servomex Chroma.

Source: Servomex

The SERVOPRO Chroma uses advanced gas chromatograph (GC) technology for measurements that enable a complete evaluation of the efficiency of the air separation process. The Chroma can be configured for the sub ppm analysis of nitrogen (N2) in crude Ar (typically 90 per cent oxygen, balance Ar and N2) – a measurement that cannot be obtained by trace N2 in Ar analyzers, or by thermal conductivity detectors which cannot return the low level sensitivity required for the measurement.

Together, Servomex’s patented combination of plasma emission detector and dopant injection technology provides an extremely stable N2 measurement – and requires only an argon carrier gas to function, reducing operating costs.

The Chroma master chassis controls a range of detectors and columns for data recording in real-time, working as an independent analyzer with each peak reported on screen with a process value in ppm or ppb. This instant data stream from the Ar column enables specific, individual adjustments to be made to optimize Ar recovery from the process.

In trials, where Ar was produced in cryogenic liquid from the onsite ASU, the Chroma sample system was set-up in different parts of the process so that it returned multiple data readings from across the process. Analysis of those results enabled adjustments to be made that returned up to three percent increases in Ar recovery, dependent on the operations and type of plant involved.

Regis Loubatiere, trace product manager at Servomex, said of the results, “We conducted a number of trials throughout the US during 2012, all of which conclusively showed the capability of the Chroma to optimize argon recovery.”

“Not only are the considerable benefits for ASU production apparent from these trials, but the success of this application underlines the exceptional flexibility of the SERVOPRO Chroma as a leading trace gas analyzer.”