Sherwood Valve LLC introduces its’ new NGV Series global valve for compressed natural gas (CNG), methane, ethane and other flammable gases used in gas packs, energy delivery and power backup modules.

Sherwood’s NGV Series is part of the company’s Global Valve line which is world renowned for quality and reliability and meets the needs for low pressure, residual pressure and high pressure applications. The NGV valve features reduced internal stress zones, innovative valve core design and durable internal components with a special design stem sealing system for long-term use in hydrocarbon flammable gas service. The Series conforms to CGA V-9, S1.1 and ISO 10297 standards.

The NGV series includes standard cylinder valves (NGV) and high pressure valves (NGVH) as well as residual pressure valve (NGRPV) configurations. Bonnet and seat assembly kits and piston assembly kits are available supporting easy field service. The series includes cylinder service valves with CGA350, CGA 695 and CGA 703 connections, covering the entire spectrum of flammable gases applications. The NGV series complements the Sherwood Dual Fuel (DF) series supporting broader range of applications. These valves are in production and are currently available through your Sherwood authorised Distributor.

“Sherwood’s new NGV valve meets the needs of developers and engineers expanding the use of CNG for energy and manufacturing applications. We are ready to meet the needs of this growing market.” said Dino Sciullo, Director of Sales & Marketing.