Sierra Instruments introduces a new cryogenic version of its InnovaMass 240 multivariable massvortex flow meter for advanced, more reliable measurement of liquefied gases.

This includes the measurement of liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), down to -330°F (-200°C).

According to the company, historically gauged by inexact turbine flow meters, liquid gas flow can now be calculated with precision using Sierra’s new flowmeter. The InnovaMass also contains no moving parts that will wear out or require service, an added advantage that provides stable readings and an increased service life.

The new InnovaMass cryogenic version has undergone extensive testing and field validation over the last several years, proving that the meter is preferred versus traditional turbine meters for measuring mass flow rates of cryogenic fluids down to -330°F (-200°C). Using a special cryogenic temperature RTD, mass calculations are done with the latest density equations of state for liquid oxygen, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide. 

The InnovaMass 240 can be loop powered with power in, a programmable analog output and a HART or MODBUS signal riding on the same two wires.