Taylor-Wharton, a world-leading technology, service and manufacturing network for gas applications involving pressure vessels and precision valves, announces the creation of a new LNG business unit and world-class management team.

In response to the global demand for LNG, the company’s Taylor-Wharton Cryogenics subsidiary has established a new LNG business unit focused on the manufacture and supply of specialised cryogenic equipment for LNG bulk storage, transport and end-user applications. Talor-Wharton Cryogenics now has three global business units: LNG, Industrial and CryoScience

David Barr, recently hired as the new LNG vice president and general manager, will lead the company’s efforts to grow the LNG business.

“Taylor-Wharton Cryogenics is perfectly positioned to be a world-leading LNG equipment supplier. We have global manufacturing capability, brilliant engineers and a huge demand from the LNG industry for another global supplier,” said Barr.

“We are currently focused on building the finest LNG management team possible to lead the development of a wide range of LNG products designed around the needs of the customer. This effort, along with regional strategic partnerships, will bring the complete LNG solution package of supply, installation, training and service to the end user and accelerate our growth.”

Barr brings more than 25 years of senior management experience in new technology launches and business creation. From 1998 to 2003 he worked with Minnesota Valley Engineering (“MVE”) /Chart Industries as the founder and president of NexGen Fueling. Most recently, Barr developed the first LNG distribution business in Minnesota for Lubrication Technologies, which supplied customised LNG equipment and LNG to asphalt plants.

“TW Cryogenic’s entrepreneurial spirit and LNG business strategy has caught the eye of the LNG industry, and many of the best and brightest people in the industry are interested in joining the team,” said Eric Rottier, CEO of TWI.

Other members of the LNG business unit include;
Claus Emmer has joined LNG as the director of Applications Development. Emmer started in cryogenics in 1972 and joined MVE in 1981. At MVE, Emmer started the field-service team that innovated the repair of super-insulated cryogenic vessels on site, which had not been done before. Then, he handled technical service for government prime contracts for the US Navy and Air Force.

In 1994, Mr. Emmer focused on product development at MVE and participated in the development and commercialisation of very successful product lines such as ORCA™ and PermaCyl™, low cost Python™ vacuum insulated pipe, Siphon-100™ pumping systems, as well as other products such as the Tango™ microliquefier. He created and shared in the creation of 16 patents related to cryogenics and LNG.  Emmer graduated with a bachelor of science in metallurgy from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and holds a master of science in technology from the University of Minnesota.

TW Cryogenics is also pleased to announce that Bobby Cushman is the director of Global LNG Sales.  Cushman has been developing LNG infrastructure projects in North America since 2010.  He has an extensive commercial background with more than 10 years of experience selling capital equipment and fluids to the cryogenic industry particularly in North America, Europe and the Middle East. He has a chemistry degree from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington.

Barr, Emmer and Cushman are supported by additional LNG team members James Turvey and Evan Lancaster, located at TW Cyrogenic’s Theodore, Alabama, manufacturing facility.

James Turvey, product manager, has more than a decade of experience in the alternative fuel industry working with Carter Cryogenics and Chart Industries. Turvey has served on a variety of society boards including SAE boards to help develop industry standards in the alternative fuels Industry. He holds a degree from the EITB College of Engineering and Mining in Nottinghamshire, England.

Evan Lancaster, LNG design engineer, is a licensed professional engineer with 10 years of experience in mechanical design primarily with pressure vessels, machinery, and hydraulic/pneumatic systems.  He earned his bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Auburn University.