Taylor-Wharton International LLC has launched an updated version of its logo, which represents more than 80 years of global brand equity. Taylor-Wharton will phase out its current logo that has been in use since 2009. 

Eric M. Rottier, CEO of Taylor Wharton, commented, “Our traditional logo is recognized around the world with roots back to the first seamless high pressure cylinders manufactured in North America. The updated look maintains a connection to our heritage and incorporates a more modern flare representing our progressive culture.”

In addition, TW Cryogenics LLC has launched business unit branding for its three global operating platforms: CryoIndustrial™, CryoLNG™ and CryoScience®.

CryoIndustrial focuses on industrial gas applications, CryoLNG focuses on LNG applications, and CryoScience focuses on cryopreservation, cold storage and animal husbandry applications.

“Taylor-Wharton has three distinct markets that we serve,” said Rottier. “Each market has a unique set of customers, products, and drivers that require dedicated global focus. Our business unit brands represents the focused attention our teams provides to each segment.”

Rottier continued, “The retro look of our updated logo was the clear preference within the Taylor-Wharton community. As the oldest continuous metal fabricating company in North America, there is much pride in our brand both domestically and overseas, providing us global recognition from international team members, customers, industry contacts, and key regulatory agencies,” he said.

Taylor-Wharton recently relocated its corporate headquarters to Minnetonka, MN, under the leadership of Eric Rottier, who was appointed CEO in May of 2012.