US-based electronics materials company Voltaix is now officially under the stewardship of Air Liquide, after the latter finalized an acquisition first announced in June.

As revealed when the agreement was reached earlier this summer, it is expected that the coming together of two players in the electronics business will create significant synergies and value.

Voltaix manufactures materials used in the production of semiconductor devices and advanced solar cells, with US facilities in Branchburg (New Jersey), High Springs (Florida) and Portland (Pennsylvania) and a facility in Sejong-si (South Korea).

The acquisition therefore complements the Air Liquide ALOHATM product line of advanced precursors, for example, and brings together synergies in both molecule discovery and scale-up. All of which will help to accelerate the introduction of a broader portfolio of new high-tech materials to semiconductor manufacturers and enable the ongoing increase in computing power and connectivity.

“We are pleased to know that the legacy of what we have built at Voltaix, as a result of the contributions of so many talented and dedicated individuals, will now continue under the stewardship of Air Liquide, a company similarly committed to innovation and the needs of customers,” commented Peter de Neufville, Chairman of Voltaix Board and John de Neufville, Founder and Chairman of Voltaix’s Executive Committee, in a joint statement.