The WesMor Cryogenic Companies group has been making progress in the growing LNG equipment market, with the development of both ISO Containers and transport trailers.

La Porte, TX-based WesMor Cryogenic Manufacturing has introduced a new series of 40-foot ISO Containers to the LNG market.

Four models are available: the containers feature the piping compartment on one end or on the side to permit easy access; and either 70 psi or 115 psi maximum allowable working pressures (MAWP) are available. The 40-foot ISO containers are designed and approved to transport LNG, ethylene or ethane via ship, train or truck. The outer vessel is available in stainless steel (recommended for marine applications) or carbon steel.

The ISO Containers are designed and manufactured in accordance with UN Portable Tank rules. Design approvals include: ASME Section VIII, division 1; CSC, ISO 1496-3; UN Tank (49 CFR 178.274 & 277; IMDG/ADR/RID Chapter 6.7.4); Rail Impact per UN Tank.

WesMor Cryogenic Manufacturing has also introduced a new transport trailer to the market. Boasting a tare weight of only 24,900 pounds, WesMor Cryogenic Manufacturing’s 70 psi maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP), 12,700 gallon water volume transport trailer can haul up to 39,350 pounds of LNG (dependent on tractor weight and local weight laws) which is equal to 11,447 USG at 10 psi.

The trailer is offered as a pressure-transfer off-load transport or you can order it with a hydraulic driven cryogenic pump. A turbine flow meter is optional. The new transport trailer was designed and built to MC-338 regulations, with a 4X safety factor on the inner ASME pressure vessel, as per DOT requirements.