WITT Gas Controls LP has announced the appointment of two manufacturers’ representatives in key US food processing and packaging markets.

Chicago-based Richpack Machinery and Pennsylvania-based Mateer Associates have been appointed by WITT and are focused on the extensive MAP product line offered by German-based parent company, WITT Gasetechnik.

Each company is active in target markets for WITT products.

David W. Bell, president and CEO of WITT Gas Controls, explained in a statement, “We are pleased to join with Richpak Machinery and Mateer Associates, as each company is active in target markets for the WITT product line. Although their focus is on the food packaging industry, the WITT product line of gas control and gas safety equipment is used in many other industries.”

Richpak Machinery Inc. is promoting the WITT line of gas analyzers, gas mixers, and leak detection equipment to customers in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin, while Mateer Associates is promoting WITT products in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, and Delaware.