Daikin Industries has decided to employ HFC32 as the refrigerant for its air conditioners ­– beginning with the adoption of the gas for all types of air conditioners.

According to the November issue of The Gas Review, the gas will be rolled out in the market from this Autumn. The use of it will be targeted for use with all of its air conditioners for its global market.

With three air conditioner refrigerants as a starting point, these being HFC32, the mixed coolant HFO and R290 (LPG), a global search began regarding the next generation of refrigerants. Among the refrigerants currently in use R410A, used in the developed world, has a global warming affect – while HCFC22, used in the emerging nations, is destructive to the ozone layer. This leaves problems that need to be solved.

Daikin Industries is the only producer in the world that wears two hats, that of the air conditioner manufacturer and that of refrigerant producer. It seems that the reason lying behind that decision to adopt HFC32 at this time is that DuPont and Honeywell International, which promote the mixed refrigerant HFO, have increased their lobbying around the world.

However, the next generation refrigerant is not something that can be decided upon just based on the inclinations of the refrigerant producers alone.

The company will be making the most of its strong points as the world’s leading air conditioner manufacturer, will be moving ahead with both its refrigerant and air conditioner businesses in the global market in a very advantageous way.

Daikin has said this announcement is important, indicating that they are able to do this by being one step ahead of other manufactuers.