Iwatani has developed a new cutting gas based on hydrogen called Hydrocut and has setup a specialised filling facility for this product at the company’s industrial gases plant in Himeji.

This is a premixed gas composed of hydrogen and ethylene, and is sold in medium sized seamless cylinders (47 litres, 14.6MPa) – according to the Gas Report.

It can handle a wide range of acetylene gas applications, such as cutting and brazing steel materials, as well as heated and pressure welding. The reason that Iwatani became involved in the development of a new welding gas is that it was concerned about how to handle the acetylene market, which had been declining year by year.

Acetylene is an excellent cutting gas with a high volume of heat, but with the decrease in public works construction, and the drop in orders for new ships, it is predicted that the tough demand situation surrounding this gas will continue.

Iwatani, a producer of acetylene, has been shutting down and consolidating facilities as it strives to restructure this business.

There are several key points regarding this new gas. Firstly, it has the same cutting capability as acetylene. Along with investigating the most sustainable mixture ratio of hydrogen and ethylene, they also strove for stability of cutting performance on location. It was because of this that they decided on a premixed gas at the filling stations and a patent has already been obtained.