SAMTECH, a high-pressure hydrogen cylinder producer, successfully developed a stationary pressure reservoir made of an aluminum liner and carbon fiber called CFRP.

Based on the plan with a concept of ‘100 H2 Stations in 2015’ this project is being promoted jointly with JX Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation, which assumes a role in management of hydrogen stations, and Kyushu University which carries out technical assessments.

The planned specifications of the product, as of 2015, will be 80MPa of pressure and a 300ltr capacity – which are identical to those of steel made pressure reservoirs, but the price and weight are targeted at lower than ¥10 million (reduced by 37%) each and less than 1,000kg in weight (reduction of 33.3%) respectively when compared to the steel reservoirs.

One of the features of the product is the reduction of weight by using carbon fiber and applying the technology in the development of the CFRP cylinders of 35MPa and 70MPa for automobile use.

SAMTECH also succeeded in the development of lengthy cylinders to be loaded on hydrogen trailers for hydrogen stations. The specified pressure is 45MPa and the capacity is 330ltr.

The company intends to increase its investment much more in the development of cylinders for hydrogen stations, including automobile cylinders, from now on.