Praxair China has signed a new contract to expand supply with its existing customer, Jinlong Copper Co, Ltd the largest copper smelting joint venture in China, located in Tongling, Anhui in Eastern China.

Praxair China will invest to double the oxygen production capacity of its air separation unit in Tongling, to approximately 700 tonnes per day. Praxair will also acquire Jinlong’s existing, captive plants and integrate them with its plants that have been supplying industrial gas for Jinlong Copper’s flash furnace-smelting process.

Jinlong has also been utilising Praxair’s patented oxy-fuel burner applications technology, Dilute Oxygen Combustion, in its anode furnace for its high flame luminosity, wide flame coverage and highly effective heat transfer characteristics to further improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

“Praxair has been supporting Jinlong’s business since 2006 and we are proud to continue to expand our relationship,” said Dr Minda Ho, president of Praxair China.

“Our extensive experience and knowledge in the supply of industrial gases to the non-ferrous metal industry enables us to play an important role supporting Jinlong’s ongoing growth.”