The Sulphur Institute (TSI) has launched a new Sulphur Education Session to illustrate the modern sulphur market to individuals new to the industry and those wanting to deepen their knowledge.

The first Sulphur Education Session will be held on the 22nd of April from 2pm to 5pm at the Kerry Hotel, Beijing.  Topics and speakers include:

  • Sulphur sources — a look at today’s recovered role and the increasing interest in alternative sources to include shale products and oil sands – Tom Dunn, TSI
  • Environment, health and safety in today’s sulphur industry – Tom Dunn, TSI
  • Sulphur transportation, logisitics and regulations in China – Cherry Zhang, PRISM Sulphur Service of China, Inc.
  • Changes in global sulphur trade flows – Fiona Boyd, Argus
  • Shipping sulphur internationally — regulatory bodies – Harold Weber, TSI
  • The multi-purpose sulphur — a look at existing and tomorrow’s uses of sulphur – Donald Messick, TSI
  • Sulphur-modified concrete – Chulho Song, Hanmi Environment and Chemical