Wison Engineering has secured a deal in China with S+C’ for the supply of high alloy material for cracking furnaces in China, as well as the framework for two companies’ cooperation in futher exploring international markets.

Under the agreement, Wison Engineering will be the sole engineering company in China that can use S+C’s high-performance (HP) HT-E alloy furnace tubes and “SCOPE” furnace tubes in its furnace revamps and new furnaces projects. The agreement will also lie down a good foundation for the cooperation between both companies in overseas market, which will be further defined on a project by project basis.

S+C’s high-performance furnace tubes reduce the coking formation on the inner surface of the tube during cracking processes, and have a long service lifespan. This partnership leverages S+C’s technological strength in high alloy furnace tubes and Wison Engineering’s engineering experience in China’s ethylene cracking furnace industry. It can offer clients a more competitive EPC solution to boost production efficiency and effectively lower production costs. The partnership will also benefit the two companies in jointly developing overseas market.

S+C is the global market leader in its field with over a century of experience in manufacturing high alloy furnace tubes for cracking furnaces; while Wison Engineering is an emerging force in the ethylene cracking furnace industry, with a successful track record of delivering 140 cracking furnaces in China.