The compressed gases industry has been in remembrance following the recent passing of Dennis W. ‘Denny’ Croll.

Denny passed away, aged 62, at his home on Thursday August 16.

Having been born in Hazleton, PA, Denny spent most of his life in nearby Nuremberg and was an active member of the local community. He also spent more than 30 years working at Air Products as an Emergency Response (ER) Safety Specialist.

Regarded as a rollercoaster of emotion and an incredibly stressful position, this was a role that Denny was said to have handled with great aplomb and responsibility. In fact, he gained a reputation throughout the industry as a ‘go-to’ guy.

Glowing tributes have been pouring in for Denny, Specialty Gas Report understands, described as an upbeat, dedicated and special person, a ‘pillar of the industry’ and ‘one of a kind’.