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    GAWDA Membership Recruitment Effort Firmly Underway


    If you’ve ever thought about joining the Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA), now is a perfect time to look into the many benefits and advantages that membership provides. The Association has launched a drive to recruit new members into the organization in an effort to strengthen, grow, and diversify ...

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    Operating Performance Improvements for Gas and Welding Distributors


    With over 90 years of experience in package gases and distributor sales, operations, and administration we have developed a Performance Metrics & Benchmarking Program for US Gas &Welding (G&W) Distributors. The foundation of this program originates with a review of the Profit and Loss (P&L’s) and Balance Sheets from various ...

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    Gas Cylinder Telemetry – New System Optimizes Deliveries


    Imagine knowing exactly how much gas was at each customer site and being able to plan deliveries with complete efficiency. BreatheWise has launched a new telemetry system that not only allows gas distributors to determine exactly how much gas is at each of their customers’ sites, it also assists in ...

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    Technology Provides Asset Management Beyond Cylinders


    Anyone remember phone booths? How about computers with monitors that were a foot thick? Then came cell phones the size of a carry-on bag, weighing in at 4.4 pounds. Now, all those things are integrated into a single device we carry in the palm of our hand.

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    Managing Disruption Successfully


    Successful businesses never stop managing disruption. This subject became front and center for Gases and Welding Distributor Association (GAWDA) this year when its current President, Bill Visintainer, made this the theme for his term.

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    Standardization and Perfect Processes


    Standardization is important to sustaining high performing processes and ultimately competitive excellence. We continuously expect more out of our processes, which are expected to produce predictable results, and this is where Standardization and Continuous Improvement meet.

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    US Industrial Gas Market Report – 2015


    The recovery of the industrial gas business from 2012 through 2014 was strong, five percent per year, driven by price and volume with manufacturing being a bright spot, a significant driver for the industrial gas (IG) industry. However, 2015 and 2016 have been hindered by a weakening manufacturing sector and ...

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    Disruption – Threat or Opportunity?


    The Gases and Welding Distributor Association’s (GAWDA) mission is to promote the safe operation and economic vitality of distributors of industrial gases and related welding equipment and supplies. Through information, services, and networking opportunities, GAWDA has been fulfilling this mission for over 70 years. Here, President Bill Visintainer discusses the ...

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    nexAir’s Hydrogen Business – Poised for Growth


    A CryoGas International interview with Memphis-based nexAir, as Steve Atkins, Executive Vice President of Gasesm, shares the company’s current view of the hydrogen market, potential opportunities for growth, and nexAir’s strategy for the future.

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    The Hydrogen Highway Heads East


    The US Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy puts it best when it comes to the genuine ambition at the heart of the hydrogen fueling economy: It’s a market transformation, as CryoGas International explores this month.

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    10 Questions with Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expert Glenn Rambach


    CryoGas International interviews world-renowned expert in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry, Glenn Rambach, and asks, what are the biggest challenges ahead for the FCEV market?

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    The Challenges of Creating a Hydrogen Refueling Network


    When used in a fuel cell, hydrogen opens the door to a completely different power generation technology and aides the transition to a low-carbon economy with zero emissions at the point of use. But one of the biggest hurdles to a widespread hydrogen refueling network adaptation is overcoming the chicken-and-egg ...

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    Opening Doors – Tri-Generation Fuel Cells


    Industrial gas executives are asking critical questions about hydrogen: Is there an economical way to generate renewable hydrogen closer to the point of use, and reduce distribution costs? And can we then speed adoption of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs), a potentially sizeable new market opportunity?

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    Mind the gap


    I was asked to make a call with a new sales rep on business we had lost a year earlier. The customer was nice enough to give us an email recapping our past deficiencies including major gaps in communication with his previous lab manager and our account rep (who we ...

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    US Hydrogen Production – 2015


    Ultimately, industrial demand for hydrogen is met via recovery of byproduct hydrogen or on-purpose production of hydrogen. Hydrogen is produced on-purpose by the consuming industry (also known as captive production) and by merchant gas companies. Significant by-product hydrogen is recovered for self-use in the oil refining industry and recovered from ...

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    Hydrogen Growth Trends in 2016


    In this report, we focus on applications and growth trends in the merchant hydrogen business in the US. The increased emphasis on alternative energy schemes, such as fuel cells, appears to be the major driver behind demand in the US merchant hydrogen market, causing the liquid hydrogen capacity utilization rate ...

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    The US Medical Market – Trends in Market and Applications


    Investors Rejoice: Continued Growth in US Healthcare Sector

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    Staying Healthy, Staying Ahead: Praxair Invests in Healthcare Abroad


    Praxair discusses the acquisition of UK-based NOxBOX Ltd., adding to their medical portfolio.

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    Safety Information: “On-Call” and Online for GAWDA Members


    GAWDA’s Diane Stirling highlights the benefits for association members in meeting regulatory safety standards in gases and welding distribution.

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    Medical Oxygen Delivery Evolution and Outlook


    John Carrigan and Dan Stracner of Luxfer Gas Cylinders recount the history of innovation in the market for medical oxygen, looking forward to future developments.

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